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Buzz Infused brands MY IDEA AND PASSION

 Throughout the startup phase of this business I realized that Edibles and Drinkables were going to be a major growth area within the cannabis industry.  CBD market is ready online to explode in this billion dollar opportunity! Also, my research pointed out that the internet was going to be a major factor with increasing market share especially in recently legalized Canada and the United States along with new states coming on board with the legalization movement.  However, I found that most search engines and online websites won’t allow marijuana advertising.  How do we over come this?  So, I started buying domain names that would give my company an edge with branding as well as buying domain names that would be generic organic searches by customers on search engine sites to help overcome this problem. 

In the process I have accumulated over 300+ domain names and of course I can’t use them all myself but realized that companies are going to need to buy them to get in the game so I am going to look to sell some or all of my domains to help other companies develop their brands in the cannabis and online marketplaces.  These domains are going to overcome the lack of advertising permitted by the search engines and allow cannabis companies to increase sales and market share while giving them a platform to develop their delivery services.  My passion within the cannabis industry has shifted from developing my own startup beverage company to being the go to Brand; Buzz Infused; and allow other companies to license my brands and to assist cannabis companies with developing their own brands by purchasing or licensing my domain names and social media accounts.  I am open for partnerships in the edible and drinkable space as well. CBD and Hemp products with recent farm bill passing should be exploding with online companies Ready to tap this billion dollar market. CBD timing is now, its go time.  You have got to be first to market Online.  Get your domain today!  I can be reached at my phone number.  

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Buzz Infused with Cannabis

Our Story

 the importance of keyword-rich, generic domain names can be critical since many new companies will

Why Buzz Infused Brand

My Story


Business idea was created after a night of drinking leaving me with a heavy hangover, upset stomach and bloated feeling.  I thought about cannabis and having a feeling of  getting a buzz without all the side effects of alcohol.  I thought, why can’t my love of beer and the taste be infused with cannabis?   I can say, I like beer but I love cannabis infused non alcoholic beer.  The buzz is so better and no hangovers. 

Beer market primarily non Alcoholic drinks should be the focus area for Growth for any existing beer company or Craft Brewer. The taste of beer with the alcohol removed would be the best base to buzz infuse with cannabis maintaining the taste of beer along with the added benefits of infusion of cannabis.  How can companies do this without saying marijuana added?  Well, its not about marijuana and the social stigma, its about the buzz and the beer.  Yep, I love beer and want buzz infused products.   

  What a great idea.

Then I thought, Why should existing beer companies and Breweries spend millions of dollars to change their marketing,  labels and brands only to add cannabis? When all they have to do is   Just add “Buzz Infused” to your existing product  labels. Easy fast and effective! I drink a lot of beer, wine and liquor.  I don’t want my brands to change, I just want them to be buzz infused, this is how my idea came about.

 Expansion into the cannabis infused industry is growing and is going to be a huge market.  Building a brand around buzz infused products that are already existing is a billion dollar market.  Beverages, food, snacks, candies, chewing tobacco, you name it and it can be buzzinfused.  Use your existing labels and branding while developing products that are buzzinfused with cannabis.  Also, many other words are part of the buzz infused brands such as buzz added, buzz infusion, and infused with buzz!

Our vision is to allow everyone to experience the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis.  Smoking and vaping cannabis as is tobacco is still socially taboo. Also, it Seems to be much easier to control dosages within a consistent drink than smoking or vaping. Infusing beverages allow for more users to experience cannabis without the social stigma of smoking in public as well as the issue of  interfering with others experiences. 

We are looking to do a licensing deal with a company that wants to add “buzz Infused” to their existing product labels and add cannabis to whatever they produce.  No need to come up with fancy names of drinks and spend millions of dollars to market them when you can use  your existing products that are already known and loved by customers.   Just add buzz infused to your product label/can/bottle or packaging.

While What started out as a company to create cannabis drinks has turned into a company that sees great benefit in adding “buzz infused” to existing products rather than developing their own products.  However, we would consider partners in starting a cannabis infused beverage company with Beer, Water, Coffee, liquors and wine. We could sell online using our domains/websites and distribute locally using services.

Trademarks have been filed as well as website domain names purchased to protect our buzz infused brand.  A provisional patent with the process of creating a cannabis infused beer has been initiated as well.

A liking of beer and love of cannabis has created an opportunity to change the way in which people experience already used products that are “buzz Infused” with cannabis.

For me personally, I can’t wait to drink a Coors Light NA beer that’s buzz infused, while chewing buzz infused skoal pouches, while eating buzz infused skittles and gummies.

Man, that would be heaven.

Who else wants to get buzz infused in this opportunity?


Buzz-Infused Brands

              KEYWORD-RICH, GENERIC  names can be critical since many companies will rely on ORGANIC search to help their promotion and retail efforts. Especially since most of the largest retail outlets, like Amazon, Whole Foods, and other advertising platforms such as most of the major SEARCH ENGINES currently do not permit advertising for Cannabis. SEE GENERIC NAMES ABOVE FOR SALE.


We are in the startup phase. Looking for investors and partners to get this product to market. Patent Pending